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Francisco Cerón is a Colombian visual artist, whom started painting at a very young age.  Looking to improve his passion for painting he joined the prestigious School of Arts; Antonio María Valencia, in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, where he earned his Master Degree in Graphic Design.  Later on he specializes in Business & Marketing in the University Of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

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Cerón’s art work combines Pop-Art elements, cubism, with classic & modern techniques. He mixes all these with urban art, creating his own vision of the art in the world.  Doing these he creates unique pieces that are multi-cultural, Post-Modern, and urban, a mix between classic & modern, rich in symbols and messages.

It is like opening a window to a new language, full of vibrant colors, that, along with its multicolored characters, captures the attention of the spectator.  His work of art contains messages of joy and celebrates life.



According to the vision of Ceron, Art is an essential part of our lives. The artist focuses on displaying and promoting his own creation through different media and everyday objects.

Ceron believes that art should live every day in our lives, and for this reason promotes art in different media types such as cars, bags, luggage, accessories etc. These canvases in motion created by Francisco Ceron promote Latin American Art while decorating the urban environment with admirable spontaneity.